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Maria Montessori


Maria Montessori’s philosophies were born in the slums of Italy. She provided opportunities for children from poverty stricken areas, creating a stimulating environment which promoted learning.  The staff at West Chiltington are firm believers in the value of Montessori education; it provides a wonderfully holistic and child-centred education, which promotes confidence, self-esteem, spirituality and independence.

“Children learn through experimentation, through trial and error and by using past experiences to inform present learning, so, to a degree, self-educating.”

Maria Montessori was a pioneer of exploratory play. Her main philosophy advocated learning by doing. She was a firm believer of the child learning through play, in a non-dictatorial way. Her philosophies supports the whole child holistically; their confidence, spirituality, inner discipline and self esteem. 

"The Montessori child should be truthful, courageous, free of fear, confident, attentive, self-disciplined, generous and respectful, with a love for order and the environment, a love of work as a form of self-expression, the love of silence, of working alone, independent and creative with the ability to concentrate and develop intellectually.

Overall, the child should be calm and happy. "


Her Life and Work
E M Standing 1957

For more information on Maria Montessori, please follow the link;http://infed.org/mobi/maria-montessori-and-education/ or http://www.dailymontessori.com/dr-maria-montessori/

Term dates

Spring Term 2019

Starts: Friday 4th January

Half Term:  Monday 18th February to Friday 22nd February

Easter Break: Monday 8th April to Monday 22 April

Ends:  Friday 5th April

Summer Term 2019

Starts: Tuesday 23rd April

Half Term: Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May

Ends:  Tuesday 23rd July

Summer break: Wednesday 24th July to Friday 30th August

Autumn Term 2019

Starts: Monday 2nd September

Half Term: Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November

Ends: Friday 20th December

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